Large Rooms (41-125 People)

Wood Lake Meeting Center's large rooms can accommodate up to 125 attendees. These flexible spaces can be configured to be just the right size for your paricular group, and the room can be setup to meet a variety of seating needs. If you need a space that is designed for business and will create the perfect atmosphere to keep your attendees attentive, then Wood Lake is ideal. Our state-of-the-art technology, sound system, and presentation tools ensure that all participants can hear and participate, and our catering possibilities allow you a plethera of options. Our exceptional customer service and professional environment make Wood Lake perfect for larger meetings, training, events, and gatherings.

Oak Room Oak 1,904 sq. ft.
Theater: 125, Classroom: 82
Rounds: 78, U-shape: 30, Square: 36
Full Room Amenities
combination rooms Combination of Maple/Willow Combined: 1579 sq.ft
Theater: 78, Classroom:64,
Rounds:72, U-shape:30, Square: 40
Full Room Amenities
combination rooms Combination of Birch/Maple Combined: 1624 sq. ft.
Theater: 90, Classroom: 68,
Rounds:72, U-shape:32, Square: 40
Full Room Amenities

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